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Christina Inserillo – a Serial Entrepreneur And an Enthusiastic Soul

Christina Inserillo is a serial entrepreneur, who has launched a new line of beauty products, which are inspired from Ayurveda, encouraging the skin to heal itself. The products consist of ingredients that are FDA approved; she has focused on the quality of the products and not on the textures, scents or colors, which is the… read more »

Andrew Goldstein Memphis – A Teacher and Sigma Chi Alumnus

Andrew Goldstein is one of the most inspirational youth, who have come out of New York City. He works at KIPP Memphis Collegiate School and teaches ninth grade student. He has been living and studying in New York, since teenage and has been a decent student in his school and undergraduate days. He moved to… read more »

Frank Dinucci – An Avid Fundraiser and a Hopeful Father

Frank Dinucci is a hopeful father, who is raising funds along with son Frank Dinucci Jr., who is suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This fund is raised by the father-son for the doctoral fellowship at the University of Columbia, where a cure for this disease can be found. He is proud of his son and… read more »

Andrew De Niese – A European Chef and a Popular Figure

Andrew De Niese is a European born chef, who is residing in Bakersfield, CA. He has become a popular figure in the town not only for his cooking skills but also for the TV series he is going to launch soon. The show will feature a competition between the European cuisine and other global cuisines…. read more »

Prashant Kumar Mishra – Chief Executive Officer of Vipra Business

Prashant Kumar Mishra is the Chief Executive Officer of Vipra Business. He, along with his friend Vivek, started his venture from scratch, three years ago, and now owns four ventures in India and abroad. He was a dedicated student and always wanted to make something of his own. After co-founding the company, he dedicated himself… read more »

Emmanuel Ventouris – An Accountant and a Multi-Talented Personality

Emmanuel Ventouris is a multi-talent man. At such a young age, he has launched his website that will provide information on accounting to its user for free. He is an undergraduate and planning to pursue his higher education in accounts. He is a travel enthusiast and loves to gain knowledge on local culture, food, art… read more »

Vivek Agarwal– Serial Entrepreneur and Managing Director, Vipra Business

Vivek Agarwal is the Managing Director of Vipra Business. He started this venture three years ago from scratch and today owns four ventures in India and abroad. Earlier he started with his family business in his teenage and then became a serial entrepreneur. After co-founding the company, he dedicated himself working for the company and… read more »

Robert Nelms – Former Baseball Player and Recruiting Coordinator

Robert Nelms is the recruiting coordinator to the New Jersey Thunder for baseball. He is considered intelligent by his colleagues; they say that Robert has knowledge regarding all areas of pitching which makes him an incredible coach. Though the team is the best in the country but Robert made sure that the team performs exceptionally… read more »

Ted Owen- Owned a Company PlayAPI in New York

Ted Owen is a big name associated with video gaming industry. Ted is a Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Global Gaming League. Between 1993 and 2017, he has launched various innovative and famous companies in the video gaming industry. And now, he has come up with launching a new innovative company, named as… read more »

David Sanguesa – First Responder and a Noble Personality

“David Sanguesa” is a noble personality, who has been working in the favor of poor and hungry people. He has bought food businesses together in a fundraising effort for hungry, first responders and veterans. He is a noble person, who has bought people together and organized several events; the purpose of the events was to… read more »