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Jan Berkowitz – A Budding Entrepreneur

Jan Berkowitz is a young entrepreneur, who is aspiring to become the best in the world of construction. He has recently opened a concrete company in his Hometown Detroit and is very happy with its success of three months. He is looking forward to expanding it, and wants to add more people, who are passionate… read more »

Teresa Heaver : A Samoyeds Lover

Teresa Heaver has been breeding and caring Samoyed puppies for over 35 years at Kabeara Kennels. Many of top breed Samoyeds comes from champion bloodlines. Teresa Heaver and Kebeara Kennels provide general health, hips, and eye for all of their puppies and adult dogs. Teresa is committed to providing people with beautiful, healthy, family dogs… read more »

Todd Kassal – A Stockbroker and a Humanitarian

Todd Kassal is one of the most successful brokers in Miami and is known for helping the Irma victims, by giving them fresh water and cans of food. The hurricane Irma has hit the city, and people were stressed about the situation. Todd helped around 200 people by providing them water bottles and cans of… read more »

Timothy Hadaway – A Traveler Chef

Timothy Hadaway is a chef and has achieved dreams when he opened his own Greek-themed restaurant ‘Amvrosia’. Timothy spends his most of time roaming around the world. He has worked in several restaurants from his hometown New York to Sukiyabashi Jiro’s sushi in Japan and has been savoring some of the most well-known cuisines. After… read more »

Caro Kinsella – One of the Best US Immigration Lawyer

Caro Kinsella is a U.S Immigration and nationality law expert, who is internationally renowned for successfully assisting her clients with wide range of US immigration issues. Caro was born and raised in Limerick and Ireland. She is an alumnus of University College Cork and London Metropolitan University. Caro herself has gone through the immigration process… read more »

Larry Navy Lanier – Founder of Mobile Fuel and an Inspiring Soul

Larry Navy Lanier founded Mobile Fuel in 2010, and the headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia. The company started by him was intended to deliver high quality fuel to the doorsteps of the people. This idea was stuck to him when he visited certain gas stations and saw certain violent and non-violent crimes committed by robbers and… read more »