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Walid Soliman in Newport News | A Passionate Football Player

Walid Soliman in Newsport News is a famous football player who is known for his magical skills, residing in Cario, Egypt. He is highly influenced and inspired by a popular Egyptian footballer who is very well known by the name of “the Egyptian Messi”. Walid himself also gained immense popularity as the most energetic and… read more »

Adam Petrilli – Online Reputation Management Expert and Serial Enterpreneur

Adam petrilli is very passionate about excelling in difficult situations which requires out of box thinking. He is a unique individual with excellent thinking and creative strategies. He is very successful in creating business ideas and implementing processes that gives result beyond expectations. He is considered one of the most respected online reputation management consultants…. read more »

Wade Nodine – A Genius, Chess Player, and Coach

Wade Nodine is a 35 years old passionate and very intellectual person who is famous for its numerous achievements in the sports like chess. He is a great chess player from California, US. He has won so many chess tournaments. He has amazed the people due to his astonishing performance in chess tournaments all over… read more »

Rick Chaffin – A Social Worker and An Entrepreneur

Rick Chaffin is an inspiring soul. He is a social worker who has been helping homeless people by providing them shelter and other things for free of cost. He wanted to alleviate the problem of homeless people and wanted to find a solution that would be a kindness to them. He thinks that every individual… read more »

Yehuda Belsky – A Successful Trader and an Educator

Yehuda Belsky is a boon to the world of trade. He is a successful trader in the city of New York. Born in Boston, he was always passionate about numbers. This curiosity of learning about numbers has made him a successful trader today. He is an educator who is teaching people how to trade. There… read more »

Cassandra Marsh – An Enthusiastic and Inspiring Personality

Cassandra Marie Marsh resident is an inspiring person with a beautiful heart and soul. She is a dog lover and very passionate about them. An enthusiastic since childhood, she has participated in all kinds of sports at school. She is a very active girl and enjoys everything, be it sports or a vacation. Today she… read more »

Mark Christensen in New Hampshire- A History Teacher, Administrator

Mark Christensen started his career as a teacher in New Hampshire. He continued his career by working as an administrator in the field of education and even sitting as one of the school board members. Today, he is working as professor in the History department at Assumption College, Worcester, MA. He is making his efforts… read more »

Jin Xiuying – Aspiring Talented Songwriter

Jin Xiuying is a very talented and aspiring songwriter who wants to spread her sparkle on the whole world. She is an aspiring lyrics writer who is inspired by modern pop culture settled in Columbia Country, GA with her family. She is originally from shanghai, China and she adds a little touch of her hometown… read more »

Connor Cortese – Entrepreneur Whose Interest In New Technologies

Connor Cortese is the one of the founding partners of Connor Cortese Production founded in June, 1991. Connor Cortese is offering production services which include web, TV, print and mobile production consulting since 2005. His approach is to know what exactly people want and then provide right services that can fulfill their needs. He is… read more »