Andrew Goldstein Memphis – A Teacher and Sigma Chi Alumnus

Andrew Goldstein is one of the most inspirational youth, who have come out of New York City. He works at KIPP Memphis Collegiate School and teaches ninth grade student. He has been living and studying in New York, since teenage and has been a decent student in his school and undergraduate days. He moved to a small town, Memphis, where he initiated to open a branch of Sigma Chi alumni chapter. He even suffers from a degenerative condition and is hopeful to improve the quality of his life with the new research at the University of Columbia.

Andrew Goldstein Memphis

Personal life:

Hobbies & Interests:

Andrew is a travel enthusiast and gives credit to it for his interpersonal skills. It also helps him to meet people with diverse backgrounds that help him to connect with them, which work for when working with a distributed global team. He plays soccer in his free time that helps him distress and keeps him fit. Reading is another of his hobby, which he considers valuable. He read different books on philosophy, biographies, art, and culture, which gives him knowledge about certain people and their culture.


He is a graduate of The George Washington University, at Washington D.C. He had been a decent student and was popular among his classmates and teachers for his humble nature and good academics.


Andrew Goldstein, a Memphis resident, has always had his heart at doing something great. He was always fascinated by the fraternity and sorority; the characteristics of this organization are that they are a member for the lifetime and are always there to support you in hard times along with celebrating the good times. Once as a child, he saw the members of the organizations in his school, who informed them many things about the brotherhood and sisterhood; the values they taught about being grounded and mission of the organization fascinated him. He was inspired with this and decided to join it someday. And now there’s another Sigma Chi alumni chapter in Memphis because of his efforts.  


  • He had joined Sigma Chi Fraternity, which has 300,000 alumni including celebrities from Hollywood.
  • He has expanded the network to the town, Memphis, where he is making efforts to aware people about the organization and its motive.
  • Till now ten people have connected to this organization in Memphis and have a positive reception.
  • He has been a supporter of many community-based organizations like – Let’s Innovate Through Education (LITE), Evergreen Historic District Association, and Tennessee Sheriff’s Association, which works for the betterment of the country.


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