Anthony Barraco: Man Equally in Support of ALS Association to Find the Disease Cure

Anthony Barraco is a resident of Sarasota, Florida, United States and recently he has donated $50.000 to ALS association in the honor of his father. ASL stands for ‘amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Lou Gehrig’s disease’. This association is still finding the cure for this disease. Anthony father has had  ASL since 2017, so in regards to this, he donated the money. This disease has given pain and suffering to many families in America.

ASL disease can cause death neurons controlling voluntary muscles. The condition has become characterized by stiff muscles, muscles twitching, and worsening weakness due to a decrease in size.

Barraco says, ‘in past few years, researchers have learned a great deal about ALS.’ He further says, ‘Because of donations and tissue donors, people like my father can hopefully benefit from these efforts of researchers and cure.’

Anthony Barraco
Anthony Barraco

Personal Information:


Anthony is a much-disciplined man in his life. He wants everything perfect. Currently, he wants ASL organization to continue their research on ASL disease.  He is even researching a lot about this disease. During his childhood, Anthony had interest in medicals, but life took him to some other profession. He was a studious kid and used to show his complete interest in all his subjects whether it is school or his college.


Anthony Barraco often goes out with his friends to do some ice-skating. He is even fond of reading fiction novels and he is even planning to write one. Cooking with his wife is his favorite hobby and they even love to go out on dinner. Travelling to an exotic destination is another hobby of Anthony. He often spends his time doing painting and sketching. He even loves to play household games with his father and is totally dedicated towards his wellness.


Let me share you an incident, ALS association was formed in 1985 and it totally national non-profit organization and this has been continuing doing research since 1985, but couldn’t find ALS disease cure, so in 2017, they were about to stop their research about this disease, however, Anthony came up with $50,000 and donated it to ALS organizing in order to continue the research. He did this because his father is even suffering from this disease and 2017 was a challenging year for his whole family but he hopes the association finds the cure soon and he will keep donating money to support ALS association.

There was a survey claiming that over 6,000 people in the U.S. become diagnosed with ALS each year. That comes out to 15 new cases each day. Also, it has become estimated there are more than 20,000 Americans have the disease at any given time.


Anthony donated $50,000 to ALS association because he wants researchers to continue their research and find the cure for the disease soon.

He has even motivated other donors to donate more and more to the association and because of this researchers are getting closer to the cure every day.


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