Bonnie Cappello – A Lady with a Notion of Cleanup in the City

Bonnie Cappello is a lady on a mission. A mission where she wants to see every road and street clean; every park and road sides with green trees, which will account eventually to fresh air and environment after a few years. With industrialization came pollution, and this pollution has been hazardous to us, but Bonnie is determined to bring some change in the environment, which keeps her following this noble deed.

The plan she has in mind for the potential cleanup of the city requires a help of local people, and she is making plans to ask their assistance in this social cause. Cappello is all set with her plans for the big day and has created a whole of steps as per what would happen and when. Albeit a lot of work has to be done, but at the end of the day people would get a clean and green city as the reward.

Bonnie Cappello

Personal Information

Hobbies & Interests:

Bonnie Cappello is a very sensitive person and enjoys her time playing with children. The idea of cleanup was mainly to provide the children of the city a clean and green area, so they don’t have to play on roads, where they could get hurt. Bonnie considers children as the future of any country, and she wants to make sure that they grow up in a good present for a better future. Apart from this, she indulges in NGO campaigns and events, which she thinks is a good place to find a person’s inner strength and interact with different people. She is an avid reader and engages in philosophical stuff.


Bonnie Cappello prepares before going to a city for the event organization; she created a whole step for organizing such events, which needs to be explained to the people when she visits them. The plan includes the donation for equipments to food, and even motivating the locals to show up for the good deed. This requires an immense practice, as convincing people, sometimes, can be a daunting task.

Bonnie comes with ideas for green space community like picnic tables, arena for movies and plays, and community gardens, where children and adults can play and enjoy their time. She is urging people to volunteer for the cleanup so that they can live in the beautiful environment and this is something everyone wants for their future generations. To get them as a final result, the cleanup needs to be initiated, as it is not just about picking some trash from the street, it much more than that, which will have a long lasting effect on everyone’s life.


  • Bonnie has initiated the whole plan of city cleanups – from equipments to food.
  • Cappello has devised a whole plan for bringing the people together for the good deed and raising funds for the work.
  • The administration is also assisting Bonnie in this good deed and work is in progress.
  • Cappello is even tracking the businesses that are ready to donate the equipments for the city cleanup.


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