Caro Kinsella – One of the Best US Immigration Lawyer

Caro Kinsella is a U.S Immigration and nationality law expert, who is internationally renowned for successfully assisting her clients with wide range of US immigration issues. Caro was born and raised in Limerick and Ireland. She is an alumnus of University College Cork and London Metropolitan University. Caro herself has gone through the immigration process and is a dual Irish-American citizen. She knew the hardship of it and decides to pursue law so that she could make the process easy for the people.

Caro Kinsella

Personal Life:


Caro lives and practices out of Miami and Florida; she is a regular visitor to Limerick, Cork, and Galway, where she grew up with her siblings and friends. She is like Irish diaspora, which is spread around 50 states and has achieved her own American dream.

Hobbies & Interests:

Caro Kinsella is a very humble and down to earth person. She loves interacting with people, which is a part of her job though. She is a good listener, observer, and speaker. She listens to the issues of people and this is what makes her favorite among her clients.


When Caro was studying in London, she had to go through the immigration process, which proved an unpleasant experience for her. This incident made her specialize in US immigration Law; she decided to give advice and guidance to people, related to the immigration process. She enjoys giving advice to people and has helped many people through the process. She feels that it is her duty to make sure clients know their immigration rights and understand the laws applicable to their particular situation.

She is an expert in her field and leads a team of highly experienced legal experts. She has knowledge regarding the immigration law and her passion for providing personalized service to the clients is the reason behind her success.


Caro has done her graduation from University College Cork. She was passionate about legal studies, and this landed her at London Metropolitan University and immigrated to Florida. She learned there a lot about US immigration system, and then set up a boutique law firm specializing in US visa and immigration law. The main focus of specializing in the law was to provide a personalized service to the people, because most of the time, the visa task becomes a daunting experience.


  • Caro is an amazing immigration lawyer, and her specialization and expertise has made her famous in 50 states.
  • She is a dual citizen of both US and Ireland; her personal experience through the process indicated that she knows what her clients would be going through.
  • She has been interviewed on TV and has numerous media appearances. These range from discussing issues surrounding the ‘undocumented’ Irish in the US following 2016 Presidential Election.
  • She is fearless and doesn’t shy away from expressing her thoughts and thoughts. She even takes stand for her community depicting her fearless attitude. She has made numerous TV appearances regarding same since last year.


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