Carolyn Marie – Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Blogger and Model

Carolyn Marie was born in Readington, New Jersey. She is a multi-talented individual; expressing her emotions and thoughts to the world. Her talents include singing, songwriting, dancing, blogging and modelling. She truly knows how to express her soul with her love for music and fashion. She is an amazing person and her millions of fans say that her personality is extremely positive and it inspires them to master their talents and achieve greatness.


She states that she is a workaholic and has always dreamt of the city-lights. She claims to be influenced by Michael Jackson, Joan Jett, Halestorm and Taylor Swift.

She has been writing songs & recording music since 2012, but has been expressing herself in her journals since her childhood. She consider those times as both funny & sad because how such a little girl can write poems & songs about how hurt she is. This gave her courage and her popular never-give-up attitude.

Height- 5’ 3”

Age- 26 years old

Weight- 48kgs

Personal Life

a). Interests and Habits

She has shown immense passion towards music and fashion since the start only. Her love for music can be seen in her beautiful lyrics and heart-throbbing dance moves. She even blogs about music and fashion. Her blogs are widely appreciated for their uniqueness and simplicity. She is not just a pretty mind, but also a pretty face. She is a model for various skin care and clothing brands, to further define beauty and simplicity.

She teaches dance and singing full time to young talented children, which keeps her creative palate alive. She has no tattoos so far, even though she wishes to get one made.

b). Incidents

Being in the limelight does have its consequences and rewards. It also captures and records fun incidents which happen with these celebrities like once Carolyn Marie was leaving the airport and a small kid came running towards her. He smashed onto her and fell on her floor. The kid’s parents came running towards Carolyn, while she picked him up. They just took the kid from her hands, said, ‘thank you’ and left; not realizing who she was. As they were exiting the airport, they saw Carolyn surrounded by a huge crowd, asking for her autograph. They were shocked and tried to signal her. Carolyn saw the tipsy kid and asked her security to let the parents come near. They clicked a few pictures, apologized to her and took an autograph on the kid’s right hand. This shows how humble and kind she is as a person.

Her entry in the music industry is as adorable as she herself is. She was a ballet dancer, when her teacher asked her to audition for a musical that was going to take place at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center over the summer. She was selected and it was the first time that she performed singing, dance and acting in front of a large audience. The only thing missing from her play was her own self i.e. she wanted to tell stories and not just act in someone else’s, which provoked her to enter the music & entertainment industry and express her stories on a much larger platform.

Carolyn Marie’s Social Media Profiles

Carolyn Marie Songs

  1. Our Favorite Song
  2. Surrender
  3. Wanna be Cool
  4. Take back the Power
  5. Shelter me
  6. The Moment
  7. Man Eater


  • “Surrender Off” was awarded finalist US writing competition
  • She was a finalist in RAWards for “Musician of the Year” in New York City
  • She was nominated for “Outstanding New Band/ Soloist of 2014” in Lehigh Valley Music Awards
  • Music Album- Wanna Be Cool
  • Latest Single- Man Eaters
  • Read her blog Click here
  • Blog Link-


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