Cassandra Marsh – An Enthusiastic and Inspiring Personality

Cassandra Marie Marsh resident is an inspiring person with a beautiful heart and soul. She is a dog lover and very passionate about them. An enthusiastic since childhood, she has participated in all kinds of sports at school. She is a very active girl and enjoys everything, be it sports or a vacation. Today she is an inspiration for every person who is blind. She was not blind from birth but in an accident she lost her sight. But that didn’t stopped her from achieving her dreams or following her passion. She has always been a runner and even after losing her eyesights, she continues to run and participate in marathons with her companion – a dog.


Personal Life:

Interests and Hobbies:

Cassandra Marsh, an Oregon resident is very active in sports before losing her eyesight. Though she accepted the fact that she can never see again doesn’t change her aspect towards life. Still she runs everyday with her dog so that she can be happy. Running makes her happy and with her dog, who accompanies her everywhere, she is fulfilling her desires. Apart from this hobby she loves spending time on beaches feeling the cool breeze across her face and enjoying the nature.


Due to the exposure of harsh chemicals in her eyes, she lost her eyesight. That was a painful incident that changed her life. A normal person would give up and live a depressing life. But she accepted that now her life would be in this way and being sad and gloomy about this situation would make no difference. She thought of doing something good about about it. She was provided with a guide dog that would accompany her every where she goes. She find this idea very interesting and was very happy that such kinds of services are a to help people with no eyesights.


  • Cassandra March from Lincoln Country is an inspiration for the city people. By overcoming her disability she proved that nothing can stop a person from achieving anything.
  • Recently she has registered in a city marathon to show that nothing can come between achieving your goals and dream.
  • The money that would come from sponsoring her in the marathon would be used by her to help blind people by giving them trained dogs, so that these dogs can help them in their daily activities.

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