Social Worker

Bonnie Cappello – A Lady with a Notion of Cleanup in the City

Bonnie Cappello is a lady on a mission. A mission where she wants to see every road and street clean; every park and road sides with green trees, which will account eventually to fresh air and environment after a few years. With industrialization came pollution, and this pollution has been hazardous to us, but Bonnie… read more »

William Gilbert Lightner : A Loving Soul with Rescue Shield for Animals

William Gilbert Lightner is a person who is known for saving domestic animals who happen to be in danger. William currently resides in Marietta, Georgia. After roaming around, the objective of Mr. William Gilbert was achieved when he saw three Labrador puppies were searching for food near the trash. William runs an animal shelter names… read more »

Rick Chaffin – A Social Worker and An Entrepreneur

Rick Chaffin is an inspiring soul. He is a social worker who has been helping homeless people by providing them shelter and other things for free of cost. He wanted to alleviate the problem of homeless people and wanted to find a solution that would be a kindness to them. He thinks that every individual… read more »