Chaitanya Cherukuri : An Inspiring Soul Who Wants Photography to Come in Limelight Again

Chaitanya Cherukuri is a dedicated photographer in San Marcos, Texas and he is really eager to help put photography back in the limelight and wants to make it back on the list of top hobbies in the US. So in regards to this, he is going to host a free class for locals willing to learn basics about the photography. He is doing all this because, in 2007, over 55 million Americans were carrying photography as a hobby at least once per year and by 2017, this figure had partially fallen to 40 million according to a survey.

Chaitanya Cherukuri
Chaitanya Cherukuri

Personal Information:


Chaitanya grew his interest in Photography when he was in his college days. He realized that this profession is something that he has made for. Chaitanya even wanted to try for modeling but he dropped this idea, as he was not able to give his time to photography. Chaitanya likes traveling to historical places for his photography collection.


As photography is not a hobby for him, it’s actually his love. Apart from photography, Chaitanya loves doing fishing, gardening, swimming, playing golf, socializing, listening to music and watching TV. You will easily find all these hobbies in any American citizen. Chaitanya is fond of huskies and he has 4 Huskies with him at his home.


Chaitanya Cherukuri believes that most of the people have smartphones with them and people are more towards clicking picture via phones, rather than click it from proper DSLR, as they would use to do it in past. He is really upset with the fact that now people are really not enjoying their hobby regularly. Nowadays, people have shifted towards playing video games, watching Netflix, instead of stepping outdoors and capturing scenery and wonderful images. So regards to this, he is planning to organize a competition for the best photography and if it gets successful, then he will make it a regular thing.


During his school day, Chaitanya used to spend most of his time seeing History channel and from there he started liking photography. But he couldn’t afford a full-fledged camera due to financial crises. But during his graduation days, he had a chance to participate in a photography competition organized by his college. So he rented a camera and started practicing photography by clicking anything coming his way. In a month, he almost learned 30% of photography and participated in his college photography competition and he came 2nd in the competition. Later he decided to pursue his career in photography and today he is doing an amazing work.


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