Christina Inserillo – a Serial Entrepreneur And an Enthusiastic Soul

Christina Inserillo is a serial entrepreneur, who has launched a new line of beauty products, which are inspired from Ayurveda, encouraging the skin to heal itself. The products consist of ingredients that are FDA approved; she has focused on the quality of the products and not on the textures, scents or colors, which is the main focus of many other companies. She is an enthusiastic person and loves to interact with people and tries to solve their people. They inspire her to start new work and help people and teach them.

Christina Inserillo

Personal life:

Hobbies & Interests:

Christina is a very down to earth person, and keeps herself busy throughout the day in business and doing social work. She has initiated many projects, which were aimed to help the community and neighborhood. She loves teaching, and through her work, teaches young people social and business skills. Traveling is her favorite hobby, which helps her connect with more people and inspires her to do social work.


As a serial entrepreneur, she is interested in creating certain opportunities to help people in any manner. Recently, she asked young people to sell ice cream around the town, while she drives the ice cream van. According to her, it will help them learn the business skills, which are helpful in various situations in life. This step will also help in developing the social skills, and help elderly people.

She is very calm and composed as a person, and had a helpful nature since childhood. As a teenager, she was always interested in helping people, and due to this, was very popular among her peers. Her love for beauty and makeup led her to launch a line of beauty products, that are not only natural but can be easily afforded by men and women, who aspire to look naturally beautiful.  


  • After seeing a large decline in the skincare industry, and studying the reasons behind it, she started working on her line of products.
  • These products are natural, based on Ayurveda, which is affordable and for normal people.
  • These products are in limelight, because of the ingredients used, and the reason that they are natural.
  • She is also into social work and has indulged in various works to help the community, especially elderly people.
  • She started an ice cream, where she asked young people to help her to serve it, teaching them business skills.
  • Apart from teaching business skills, this social deed aimed them to indulge in social work too.


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