Clayton Robert Hogan- A Mountain Climber

Clayton Robert Hogan is very passionate and adventurous person. His biggest passion is to spend his life by mountain climbing and hiking. He is the strongest and perfect mountain climber, but unfortunately, he met with an accident and unfortunately had broken wrist. His doctors declared he had osteoporosis. He didn’t stop or felt discourage or felt de-motivated because of his injury. And he completed his target to climb Mount Washington. Today, he is a proud mountain climber and doing great job.

Clayton Robert Hogan

Interests and Habits:  

He is the person who loves to travel and do adventurous things.  He travel to most adventurous places and challenge himself to do some crazy things. He is passionate about the sports and fitness. Since his childhood, he loves to spend his time in the most adventurous destinations. During his schoolings, he went on so many adventurous trips to most challenging places where he climbed mountain and did hiking.


At one of his summer vacation during his schooling, he went for mountain climbing with his friends. Unfortunately, one of his friends got slipped from the mountain, but luckily he was climbing just after his friend and he held his hand tightly. He saved his friend’s life. Clayton Robert was a brave person and he proved it since he was so young. Another incident that changed his life was when he broke his wrist. His doctors said to him that he should stop climbing mountain. He had osteoporosis, so he was not allowed to go on such adventurous trips. But he decided to climb the Mount Washington and got successful. He had to face so many challenges that came across his journey of climbing Mount Washington.


He has done graduation from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. During his graduation, he started following his dream to climb mountains and hiking.



  • He has made so many achievements in the mountain climbing and hiking during his college time.
  • He had a dream to climb the Mount Washington and he completed it with complete courage and motivation even when I was suffering from osteoporosis.  
  • He has also won various bravery awards for his amazing and thrilling mountain climbing records.
  • His stories of courage and adventures have been written in the top magazines and newspapers.
  • Clayton Robert Hogan has his names registered in top 100 mountain climber in the world.


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