Colt Ledger- A Private Investigator

Colt Ledger is a big name associated in the investigation field who owns a private investigation firm, named as Colt Ledger & Association in USA.  This firm specializes in helping people that faced some sort of placement investment fraud. He is a kind person who knows proven strategies and tactics to deal with different types of fraudster companies. His firm mainly focuses on securities frauds, criminal frauds and commodities frauds. He is very well known for its efforts and achievements in helping victims of frauds. Their firm is capable of taking strict actions and scam exams against all the fraudster firms and individuals.
Colt Ledger

Personal life 

Interests and Hobbies:

He devoted to help people that are facing various crimes and frauds in their lives. In spite of his professional life, he likes to read novels and watch detective movies in his personal life. He helps people who want to make their career in private investigation.

Colt likes to motivate people and also make them aware of various risks they can face in their financial life. His objective is to make USA free all fraudsters and make this place better and secure of the people. There are so many people that have inspired to take some serious actions against fraud. He is also a part of various training program that inspire people to how to face investment frauds.


At the age of 20, colt ledger found his interest in private investigation, when he helped his brother to investigate a case related to the investment fraud. After this, he went for pursuing a degree of criminal justice in USA. He worked for a private investigation company and after getting 4 years of experience, he decided to lead his own investigation firm. His dream come true when stood in the crowd by owning his own private investigation firm.


Colt ledger has done his graduation in criminal justice from USA.


  • Colt Ledger & Association has taken strict actions against various investment frauds.
  • He has successfully solved more than 50 cases.
  • He has provided justice to his clients and helped them to recover their personal assets.
  • Colt ledge & association have succeeded to have completely satisfied customers by offering most effective and genuine services.
  • His ventures as the most intelligent private investigator are featured in newsletters.


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