Connor Cortese – Entrepreneur Whose Interest In New Technologies

Connor Cortese is the one of the founding partners of Connor Cortese Production founded in June, 1991. Connor Cortese is offering production services which include web, TV, print and mobile production consulting since 2005. His approach is to know what exactly people want and then provide right services that can fulfill their needs. He is the person who first discovered green marketing and now, he is known by the name of green marketing guru.

connor cortese

Interests and Habits:

Connor Cortese is basic a serial entrepreneur whose interest is to introduced new technologies in front of his audience. His latest interest is green marketing in which he has introduced one of the best ways for companies to reach and consult those people that are environmentally responsible and aware.


After completing his education, he was so much passion about online marketing tools. He was so much into bringing new ideas to experience new platforms for his online marketing strategies. But during his journey to success, he kept on exploring more technology and new aspects of services with which he has helped the people and provided them what they really want. Once, he gave his advice to his entrepreneur friend who was in Radio production. At that moment, he realized his capability and keep on exploring more technologies like Media Design, reputation management, event planning and television production.

Another incident that changed his life is the moment when he discovered about green marketing. He went to the Poconos camping trip where he noticed oil and tar splashed baby seal with the help of plastic six pack holder around its mouth. This incident make him realized that he want to save the baby seals.


He has done his majors in Entrepreneurship in which he learnt expertise in small business management, business planning, project management, entrepreneurial finance and strategic decision making.


Connor Cortese’s biggest achievement is its own production company, named as Connor Cortese productions. His has announced a new and advance technology in web and mobile production solutions which includes different types of services, such as evaluation, discussion, planning, brainstorming, track of success, optimizing the business marketing, reporting and optimizing the architecture of business.

He has achieved great success in green marketing and is known as green marketing guru. He has won so many awards and appreciation due to his contribution in green marketing. His great achievements and success stories have earned an important space in the top magazines.


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