Dr. Rahat Faderani – A Successful Doctor among His Athletes’ Patients

Dr. Rahat Faderani is very popular and is known as a leader in providing injury and accident evaluation and documentation services. He works in Florida and has offices in three places, where he uses diagnostic imaging techniques to guide injections and prescribes a safe and non-addictive pain medication. He has helped many patients in his career, and now he is helping many professional athletes from Miami through MRIs. His patients describe him as a very friendly doctor, who not only gives a diagnosis but also care for them like a family member.

Dr. Rahat Faderani

Personal life:

Hobbies & Interests:

Dr. Faderani is a very kind person. His is a great speaker and loves interacting with everyone he meets. He believes in building a personal relationship, which shows that he is a caring and genuine person. Apart from this, he enjoys playing golf and plays every weekend with his friends.


Dr. Rahat has done medicine at Nova Southeastern University, and later became a diplomate of the American Academy of Pain management. He is also associated with the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians and the Florida Academy of Pain Medicine. He is located throughout the Florida, including Miami Gardens, Pompano Beach, and Green Acres.


Once, an athlete was admitted to his hospital for having a serious injury after a baseball match. He immediately reached to the patient and asked him all kinds of questions about the injury. The injury was bad and needed time to heal. The athlete was unsure about the treatment, but Dr. Faderani convinced him, and also explained him the whole process. Soon, the procedure was followed and within a week’s time, the injury healed. Dr. Rahat was genuine to the athlete and he checked on him frequently. This was a very nice gesture for the athlete, and he never received this kind of treatment in any hospital. And now, for every injury, the athlete always consults Dr. Rahat, and both have become lifetime friends.  


  • Dr. Rahat has established himself in Florida as a successful doctor, and many athletes reach out to him, in case of, any sports injury.
  • Professional athletes are relying on him for getting the diagnosis and rehabilitation.
  • He has helped many athletes and sportspersons to get back on the court, who have lost hope of going back to the court.
  • He has also established a personal relationship with all these athletes, and all of them have appreciated him for it.


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