Dr. Hadi Rassael – A successful cosmetic surgeon

Dr. Hadi Rassael being an expert cosmetic surgeon is passionate about helping patients look their best with exclusively customized treatment. Being a professional in this work he founded Millennium Medical to provide the Chevy Chase, MD, community and nearby areas with exceptional care, including cosmetic related issues and non-surgical treatments.

Dr. Rassael was also an associate of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and other alike prestigious organizations. He has spent his lifetime in refining his techniques and outcomes. Dr. Rassael’s wide experience and training in the field of cosmetic surgery have permitted him to create and bring exceptional results for his patients.

Past work experience and interest

Before being a physician, Dr. Rassael always preferred to be a surgeon. During his graduate work schedule at George Town University, he was mainly involved in research projects which involved various types of microsurgical techniques to complete the research related projects. As he has a great understanding of medicine, anatomy and surgery grew; Dr. Rassael later specifically became interested in ENT and Head and neck surgery.

This work drove him to pursue a great deal of research in ENT as a medical learner. His general surgery training helped him to pursue a head and neck fellowship program at AFIP/ Walter Reed Medical center. During his two years of fellowship, Dr. Rassael did extensive research and examination in the field of head and neck surgery and pathology. Due to his passion for detailed, through surgery, along with his artistic tendencies, he shifted his focus to a cosmetic surgical procedure where he took it upon himself to be involved in more involved in training both in Facial and body cosmetic surgery.

Current work details

Dr. Hadi Rassael is at present completely focusing on his community where he is helping the people to get desired solutions for their issues. His Millennium Medical office is conveniently located and is designed for your complete comfort and relaxation. His medical organization incorporates the most modern state-of-the-art equipment to congregate virtually any requirement, all in one location. You can easily schedule a consultation with him to learn more about how he can help others to boost their natural beauty. Dr. Rassael has professional experience in dealing with concerns like breasts, body, or face to help both male and female patients attain striking, natural-looking effects which balance their distinctive features. The main goal is to help you feel not anything less than totally confident in your own self.

Experience in hair restoration issues

Dr. Hadi Rassael has more than two decades experience in hair restoration issues. He has helped many patients with hair loss issues and regains their natural look and confidence with superior hair restoration techniques that are now performed at his Washington DC area practice area. He uses a variously sophisticated technique of transplanting your own hair follicles to the affected areas by hair loss. Dr. Rassael can assist you in complete restoration of hair.

An expert team of professionals

Dr. Rassael and his team of caring, experienced staff struggle to help hair loss patients get back their self-confidence and value of life through highly advanced natural hair transplants. The expert makes sure every patient is relaxed before and during the process, and that they are happy with the outcome of their restoration process. To create a calm, peaceful atmosphere, Dr. Rassael only performs one hair transplant process for each day, ensuring that each patient receives complete attention and dedication for the successful accomplishment of the procedure.


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