Emmanuel Ventouris – An Accountant and a Multi-Talented Personality

Emmanuel Ventouris is a multi-talent man. At such a young age, he has launched his website that will provide information on accounting to its user for free. He is an undergraduate and planning to pursue his higher education in accounts. He is a travel enthusiast and loves to gain knowledge on local culture, food, art and history of the locality. He has travelled to many international places and admired the local culture and literature very much. His goal is to visit Paris’s Louvre to explore its culture and history. He also loves exploring the heritage and architectural landmarks of various places. He has mastered several skills which makes him excel in every field he works in.   

Emmanuel Ventouris

Personal Life:

Interests and Hobbies:

Emmanuel is working toward a Certified Public Accountant title, and balances his professional life with numerous hobbies that keep him fresh and energetic. He is   an outgoing person and seeks new learning opportunities; he enjoys exploring new areas and has been into travelling since a child. He spent his free time travelling and learning about the culture, food and literature. The trip could be either to local areas or international landmarks; he relishes every opportunity to expand is knowledge regarding business, culture and community. Apart from travelling, he is interested in academic subjects, which is the reason for him to choose liberal arts in college. He also enjoys learning international and cross-cultural business practices.


Emmanuel is an undergraduate student at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. He is currently finishing a major in Accounting and a minor in Business. After finishing this, he will pursue his higher education, so that he can obtain the credits needed to take the CPA examination. He is an enthusiastic student and is working to fulfill a career as finance professional. Apart from his studies he has interned with reputed firms and handled numerous short and long-term roles.


As a travel enthusiast, his memorable trip was a visit to the Wall Street in downtown Manhattan in New York. It is known as the financial centers of the world, and the headquarters boasts of major stock exchanges. The area has its popularity and also has a rich history of numbers. He took a walk of the whole area which included many important sites. There were also a glimpse of many well-known crisis and events in the history of Wall Street. This trip influenced him to pursue his interests and he set new goals for himself in this field.

While travelling, he makes sure to visit the museums situated at the particular place. He also enjoys visiting historical and cultural centers and also local art. He considers these things unique and cherishes them very much. He is also interested in exploring his heritage and visiting many iconic architectural landmarks in Greece. These interests make him a unique personality and push him to create new goals and reach them.


  • He has launched a website which will provide free accounting advice to all users. It will guide the users and give them tips to excel in accounting.
  • He is an undergraduate and balances his studies with an internship at Sikich, which is a professional firm that provides variety of services to middle market companies.
  • He is responsible for preparing tax returns and fiduciary returns for state and federal purposes, creating documents for taxpayers and analyzing various documentations.
  • Before this internship, he served as Staff Accountant Intern at Radiological Society of North America in Oak Brook. He worked there as an intern for seven months and handled short and long term roles like preparing cash disbursements.
  • He also worked as a Photo Specialist at Sam’s Club for five years before he became interested in accounting and decided to pursue it as his career. He mastered many skills which is crucial in all professional areas like communication skills or creative problem solving or meeting customer needs before deadline.
  • He will use all these skills and his accounting skills to achieve client goals.


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