Erik Agazim is Excited for Skateboarding to Launch in Olympics 2020

Erik Agazim is a professional skateboarding player and he did not enter the field of skateboarding to make money, but he started playing because he loves doing it. There is no doubt in saying that young people pot skateboarding to have fun with their friends but this profession is booming in the industry. A survey revealed that in 2009, skateboarding market had $4.8 billion annual revenue with over 11 million skateboarders around the world. And in 2016, it was announced that skateboarding will be represented at 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. Coming to Erik, he also started skateboarding to have fun with friends but he later realized that he was better than a lot of people he staked with. Erik said, ‘After skating for a couple of years daily, I realized I was progressing father than my friends and that was the point I started focusing on being a better skater.’

Erik Agazim

Personal Life

Hobbies and Interest:

Well in person Erik is a humble and a helpful man. He always does his best to help a needy person around him. He loves to interact with people and invites his near ones to do skateboarding with him. He enjoys skating with friends. He even is fond of training the young boys who approach him. He is even fond of cooking and every weekend he tries to make something unique for him and his friends. In his free time, he loves to read books of famous personalities and skaters. This inspires him a lot. He is a good listener, observer, and a good speaker.


Well, the professional’s sponsorship offers regular Salary and substantial living expenses. This offer grants them to practice and compete on full-time basis without any additional employment. Erik believes that becoming a professional skater has its own perks, he has a perk of having best skateboarding products and can even customize it based on his liking. Also, he received branding clothing and other merchandise that will display the skater’s name or personal logo. Well, Erik believes that internet and video have really helped many skaters to come on grounds. He told that one of my friends made videos of me doing some skills and later I posted it on the internet and one of them was noticed by some famous skater companies and I was offered few small sponsors right away. He also says that not only some tricks will help you get noticed but doing something unique and different will help you stand out of the box against the other millions of skaters trying to fulfill their dreams.

There is another incident when in his childhood, he went for skateboarding and some other guys started challenging him in skills. Erik came out to be the best skill performer among all the boys.


1: Erik Agazim is sufficiently lucky to have proficient sponsorship from a portion of the greatest brands in the United States.

2: One of his friends made some videos of him doing some skateboarding skills and later he posted it on the internet and one of them was noticed by some famous skater companies and he was offered few small sponsors right away.

3: Erik is now excited that this sport will introduce in Olympics Games in 2020 and will grow rapidly in coming years.


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