Esosa Saint Cyr : A Passionate Life Coach for Personal Development

Esosa Saint Cyr is known as the best in her marketplace because of her honesty, desire for excellence, and enthusiasm to always going above and beyond in whatsoever she does. Being passionate about others career so that they can see the qualities that lie within. She is an experienced transformation Coach, Author, and Speaker. She is thoughtful about the implementation of positive change in the life of people through the power of her words. She is a certified Strategic Intervention Coach and also a certified John Maxwell Coach.

Esosa - certified John Maxwell Coach
Esosa Saint Cyr -Life Coach Speakers

Personal Information

Early life

In her early life, Esosa Saint Cyr fought for her own voice and identity. As a child growing up she saw personally the challenges created when a caretaker has a mental illness. Her parental side of the family including her mother and Grandmother were detected with Paranoid Schizophrenia and it left her shocked for a time being. However, it extended her understanding for others as well as her dream to be a light bringer and a joy provider to the lives of others by means of her daily communication with friends, strangers, or her Clients.

Certified Personal Life Coaching

She is spending her time and energy inspiring others to see the worth of intense self-care so that they can live their lives in the happiest way possible. She is the best online life coach who will applaud your desire and commitment in your own personal development process. She is also a mentor of a non-profit organization “Daughters Destined to Soar” that is working towards helping girls.

Life Coach

It is hard to find a life coach online like Esosa Saint Cyr. Whether you are a teen or an experienced person, a life coach can help you enhance your communication skills and, eventually, your relations. She offers you the safest way to practice what you want to say to other persons without being judged or blindsided by strict answers. A supportive and kind life coach like her will be inspiring and will offer innovative ideas of how you can pay attention to yourself first, which will eventually escalate your confidence. Sometimes having a passionate cheerleader in your place is enough to nurture your frame of mind and help you to achievement.


She is also an author, in her recent book, When Your World Turns Upside Down; she guides you on a voyage to learn how to deal with a problematic situation or practice. With the help of her book, you will learn something regardless of where you are in the development of your own life challenges. She gives you valuable tips on how to deal with life’s sufferings without losing your stability. She knows how to deal with this world. Esosa shares some thought-provoking ideas about some of her own struggles. If you want to discover how to rise up in this competitive world then joining her life coaching program is the right choice.


As a life transformation Coach, she helps several clients to find inventive solutions to their difficulties. She applauds you for your word to your own individual development. If you want success in life whether that be at work or in your personal life then choose her coaching class. She uplifts your interpersonal skills and communication skills to become a good speaker. This process will hold you up for life and you will be capable of reaching for your dreams.

Esosa Saint Cyr helps you with practical strategies and tips that will enable you to move forward with much more self-assurance.


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