Frank Dinucci – An Avid Fundraiser and a Hopeful Father

Frank Dinucci is a hopeful father, who is raising funds along with son Frank Dinucci Jr., who is suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This fund is raised by the father-son for the doctoral fellowship at the University of Columbia, where a cure for this disease can be found. He is proud of his son and is looking forward to seeing his son walk and ailment free.

Frank Dinucci

Personal life:


Frank Dinucci is a resident of Raleigh and is blessed with a six-year-old, name Frank Dinucci Jr and a three-year-old daughter Isabelle. When Isabelle was born, three-year-old Frank was diagnosed with Duchenne. Though he is young, he is very positive and due to this, his condition is stable even after getting diagnosed with such disease.

Hobbies & Interests:

After his son got diagnosed with this disease, his only passion is to raise fund for the cure of this deadly disease. He has been traveling from New York City to Raleigh with his son, collecting funds, and raising funds for the research of the disease. Many people have come forward to help him and he does this every year. Apart from this, he loves spending time with his both the children and indulges in various playful activities with them.


When Frank’s son was diagnosed with Duchene at the age of three, he was very gloomy and gave all hopes as the life expectancy of the disease was only till past teen. But Frank Jr was very positive and this positive attitude of him gave his father a hope, and he invested his time in raising funds for the research for the cure of the disease. Every year he and his son would travel 500 miles using a cargo bike and collect funds through it. They charge $ 10 for the ride – be it a five-minute ride or 500 miles. Along with it, they will be offered free lunch and frozen ice cream by the New York City local businesses.

With his and his son’s effort, they are able to raise enough funds from the past three years. They have visited many research facilities including the University of Columbia, where the fellowship is based. From the last three years, the Dinucci family has helped in advancement in the treatment opportunities, which have extended the average life expectancy to 30 for this disease.


  • After his son got diagnosed with Duchenne, he didn’t lose hope and looked for alternatives to fight this disease.
  • He, along with his son, travels 500 miles every year collecting funds, for the doctoral fellowship.
  • Every year, in a unique way, they collect funds and deposit them for the research regarding the disease.
  • Due to his efforts, the life expectancy of the disease has extended to 30 years, as once it was only until teens.
  • Many people have come in support of this fundraising event, and help him every year by providing him small assistance.


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