Gerald Scott – A Retired US Air Force Officer and A Reputed Surgeon

Gerald Scott is a retired US Air Force Officer. He has served in the Air Force for about 28 years. He was a promising officer and has served ten stations overseas. He was deployed to combat twice in his 28 years of service. He was born in 1962, Ogden in Utah. He is a very enthusiastic person and full of life. Food and wine has always been his favorites. He loves trying new cuisines at restaurants. He is a family person and enjoys skiing and golf with them on weekends and holidays. After retiring from the service he became a surgeon to make a difference in people’s life. He is a very caring person and loves to interact with the patients. He is a famous surgeon and many healthcare websites have him in their top recommendations.

Gerald Scott

Personal Life:


Scott has always been a family man. He loves his family very much. His family has always been his prized possession. He has been 30 years since he married but the love between him and his beautiful wife doesn’t seems to fade. He loves the food his wife cooks. His wife has always been supportive of him. His family has always been with him travelling from place to place. He has traveled to his favorite place Japan, Bali, Italy and Croatia wither her.

Interests and Hobbies:

Gerald has a very interesting personality. His interests lie in photography and crosswords. Capturing the beauty of life in lens and looking at them lights him up. He has solved crosswords since childhood. Apart from this he is an avid reader and enjoys reading science fictions while sipping a cup of coffee. He loves to travel and had traveled to 49 countries around the globe. He enjoys trying different types of food and wine in restaurants. He enjoys skiing and playing golf with his family and friends. He has always been a curious person and have interests in astronomy too.


As a child, Gerald has always been helpful and curious. He has been in scouts and guides during school time. Helping people in their needy time has always been his priority. That’s why he served in the US Air Force for 28 years. He served 10 places from overseas and had been deployed to combat twice. After retiring from the service he become a surgeon. Today he has a good reputation and many sites have his profile with high ratings about is work. He is a reputed surgeon and to ask for his assistance, mail at  or “”


  • He served for 28 years in US Air Force with 10 overseas posting and twice combat deployment.
  • He has travelled to 40 countries worldwide as an Air Force officer and has also been to 49 states in US.
  • After retiring, he became a surgeon and is recommended by many top healthcare websites proving his excellence.



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