Jan Berkowitz – A Budding Entrepreneur

Jan Berkowitz is a young entrepreneur, who is aspiring to become the best in the world of construction. He has recently opened a concrete company in his Hometown Detroit and is very happy with its success of three months. He is looking forward to expanding it, and wants to add more people, who are passionate about the work. Since childhood, he was passionate about building big things from small pieces, and it was also an astonishing fact for him. He took inspiration from his parents, who belong to the same field.

Jan Berkowitz
Jan Berkowitz

Personal life:


Jan’s father was employed in the building area of work, and his mother is an architect. He used to accompany his father to the work and was fascinated by the work done there. He was happy to move the bricks or dig pits for the tree, and never complained about such work. This taught him to be responsible, and this became his passion. For him, his parents are an inspiration to follow this passion.

Hobbies & Interests:

Berkowitz is very passionate about his work, and know that this work can be sometimes stressful. To overcome this stress, he listens to music, and Jazz is his favorite type. This helps him relax and freshen up for the next day. He is an avid reader and is mostly into spiritual books.


Jan has done his graduation from Lawrence Technological University in 2009 and hopes that the experience proves a milestone in his career. 


Jan is a hard-working person since childhood. His interest in construction was because of his parents, who were in the same field. He accompanied his father to the site, where he learned that hard work is the key to a successful career. He was happy to help his father by moving the bricks or digging the pits for the tress; this act taught him the importance of doing things right, and responsibility should be taken seriously. It made him a very studious student, and when he saw that his parents are unable to help him through the college, he worked part-time for the survival. 

After graduating, he saved money to open his business, but this sometimes made him drop the spoon. Inside he knew that this wasn’t the time to give up, and Jan is grateful that his parents were always supportive and encouraged him in the hard times. He has made the business successful in a place where the population is short, and this is possible only because of his hard work. 


  • He has opened the company just three months ago, and it is already making headlines in the city.
  • Jan Berkowitz has set up his business in his hometown, which is a tough place.
  • The place has fewer people around, but with his knowledge and hard work, he has managed to make it work.
  • His tactics, and bringing the business online has helped him to achieve the perks, and he advises everyone to follow the same strategy to make the business successful. 


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