Jeffery David Whippo – A Nature Lover and a Researcher

Jeffery David Whippo is a passionate researcher. His aim is to converse the environment and search those important or beneficial resources that are good for our generation and environment. He loves to visit the areas where there are any sorts of possibilities of having such interested things that can benefit the environment. He researches hard to investigate whether the signs visit in actual or not. And now, he is all set on open practice in New York.

Jeffery David Whippo

Interests and Habits

His passion is to conserve the environment and to make efforts to save the environment. He loves to travelling and revealing unfolded secrets that are buried in the land of the earth. He always wants to explore more destinations. During his childhood, he loved to do gardening and buying eco-friendly products. During his college, he was involved in so many earth conservation programs.


Recently, Jeffery was highly-influenced by a report that shows the Dead Sea is serving droughts from past couple of years. He decided to visit and investigate the area because of his passion and dedicated for conservation of the environment. He started his investigation from the top of Masada and after looking down the sea, he realized that it is some possibility. He took some sample to be studied which revealed that Dead Sea is absolutely susceptible to climate change which was unexpected truth. After this, he also discovered that an old shrine which was around 1500 years old has been suffering from the same issue.

This journey did not stop, and he visited Solomon’s Stables and then, Garden of Gethsemane. He was highly influence by the drought conditions of these areas which used to be green.  After this, he visited the Wailing Wall where he was not allowed to collect samples, but he collected some local samples to study the climate changes. He is still researching about the sample he collected during his journey and trying to know the secrets and answers.


  • He has made so many grateful efforts for continuing his passion to earth conservation.
  • He has done large number of investigations in search of some evidences to prove there are signs that still exit to bring some positive changes in the climate.
  • Jeffery visited multiples areas that are suffering from adverse climate conditions, such as Masada, Solomon’s Stable, Garden of Gethsemane and Caesarea.
  • He is set to open practice in New York.
  • He has collected some samples that benefit the areas that are facing environmental changes.


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