Jeffrey R. Powlowsky- Managing Partner at ABH Labs

Jeffrey R. Powlowsky is the well known personality in the nutraceutical industry and has more than 24 years of experience in his field. Currently, he is currently working as a managing partner in ABH Labs which is a 17 years old nutritional supplements manufacturing company in Edgewood. His specialization and expertise is in nutritional product manufacturing, formulation and product research as well as development. He has vast knowledge of sales and marketing in the industry of nutrition and cosmeceutical. Cosmeceutical is basically a blend of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Jeffrey Powlowsky also expertise in strategic marketing, direct sales, branding and also direct marketing, such as catalog and internet, infomercial etc. he also worked as the senior executive in sale and direct marketing as well as nutritional manufacturing companies.

Jefferey R. Powlowsky

Interests and hobbies:

Jeffrey R. Powlowsky in his personal life is quite an outdoor enthusiast. He is a big travelling freak. He also loves adventure and also loves to explore new places. He is also interested in putting some serious efforts to make his life healthy and happy. He also loves to read health and fitness blogs and articles. Jeffrey also educates and motivates for how to lead a healthy life. He is an energetic and active person who believes in healthy eating and living. He also hosts so many motivational programs where he guides the audience about how to adapt healthy habits and lifestyle.


Jeffrey Powlowsky has a 16 years old son. He is residing in Laguna Beach, California from 17 years.


One incident that changed his life was when he was working as a senior executive in a sales and marketing company, and he helped his company to achieve sales target of $100 million annually with his dedicated and extensive knowledge in sales and marketing. He was helped his company to attain around 5 million customers. Then he got truly appreciated by the head of the company.

During his nutritional career, he helped a person who was suffering from obesity, anxiety and depression. He consulted him to fight with his health issues and that turned out really helping for that person. He is very kind hearted and helpful person since his childhood.


He has completed his Bachelor’s Degree with Distinction, Summa Cum Laude in Chemistry as well as Biology from Boston University.


  • Jeffrey Powlowsky worked as a senior executive in customer direct marketing and nutritional supplements manufacturing companies. He achieved the target of dealing with more than 5 million customers and helped his company to achieve the sales target of $100 million yearly.
  • He was one of the founding partners with Dr. Jose Rocca in Nutraceutical Company, Solara, Inc. in 2007. He also held the position of President and Chief Executive Office for 6 years.
  • He is currently working as managing partner at ABH Labs where he holds an appreciable reputation and provides high quality services to the customers.


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