Jin Xiuying – Aspiring Talented Songwriter

Jin Xiuying is a very talented and aspiring songwriter who wants to spread her sparkle on the whole world. She is an aspiring lyrics writer who is inspired by modern pop culture settled in Columbia Country, GA with her family. She is originally from shanghai, China and she adds a little touch of her hometown traditions whenever she writes her songs.

She is highly inspired by an traditional opera singer who sang her first traditional opera in Huju in which she took on the lead lady role and that opera named ‘Rendezvous at the Nunnery’, become worldwide famous in 1930. She is influenced by her amazing performance and now she is bringing that inspiration in her songwriting.

Jin Xiuying


Her parents are living with her in Columbia Country, GA. They are originally from China but now they have moved in Columbia with Jin Xiuying.  

Interests and habits:

Jin Xiuying is a passionate writer. She loves to write her own songs. In the mean time, she also writes stories and poem based on the tradition of her hometown, China. She is attached to the arts and traditions of the China. She loves to listen to the pop music. She is a nature lover and she also writes about the beauty of nature.


Jin Xiuying is highly moved by the story in which she played a lead female role in opera in 1930. The opera that was based on a story of woman who wants to take a stand, break away from family traditions and marry for love. As everybody was against her so they chose the option of committing suicide. Jin was actually inspired by the story and she was trying to understand the conflict that was felt by so many modern young Chinese people that are particularly moved to the Western cultures. She got inspired and now she is inspiring all the young generation that have modern thinking. She has already inspired the modern woman of 21st century. This conflict inspired her to write about it in her music.


She is a November 16, 1982 born aspiring song writer who has done her schooling as well as graduation from Shanghai, China.


  • Due to her extensive range of lyrics, she has gained immense popularity in the industry and now, she is well known amongst the most popular lyrists due to her unique and captivating song writing.
  • Her talent in amazing songwriting has gained appreciation of most famous names in the music industry.
  • She has also got featured in the most famous magazines and newsletters.





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