Ken Sutiak – An Educator and Youth Worker

Ken Sutiak is an educator; he is a former member of 4H of Clifton and is working towards improving the community in Totowa, New Jersey. He currently lives with his mother who suffers from Parkinson’s disease and left his previous job at Human Resource Assistant at NJ Transit. Now, he is currently looking for a work, where he can apply his experiences of Human resources and help the community.

His experience at 4H has enabled him to clean up the beaches and parks in his community. He is adamant to inspire the youth for this work and has come up with techniques where they will help him to use the full potential of the youths and work towards a cleaner future.

Ken Sutiak

Personal Life:


Ken’s mother – a very beautiful woman is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, which makes her dependent on Ken. He lives with her mother and looks after her in Totowa.

Hobbies & Interests:

Ken Sutiak is great at interacting with people and loves to know about their thoughts and interesting incidents related to their lives. He is a great listener and often tries to solve issues of people and encourages them to do good for others and themselves.  He believes that a clean environment inspires people to feel better and do well in their day to day life; he is a good speaker and motivates the youth to take up the charge today for a better tomorrow.


Ken always stresses on community cleanups, which he knows is very hard to organize. He knows that people will clean their houses but when it comes to clean the beach and parks, they will awkward doing it. It’s not their fault, it is something we have always seen around us and has adapted it to our behavior.

Once, when he was in the park, he saw many youths littering the park; when he asked when for why they are doing it and they should keep the park clean, he received an expected reply. The young people told him that everyone does it and keeping it clean won’t make any difference. This made him take a new approach and found four benefits of doing these activities. This was highlighted by Ken among the communities, which was intended to encourage others to participate.

The benefits he highlighted are:

  • People believe that cleaning is a waste of time because other people would make the area dirty again. Mr. Ken Sutiak then noted that when people cleaned an area, they tend to keep it clean. There is less litter dropping, and of someone leave litter, they are offended and pick them up rather than letting it build.
  • This encourages many people to do some good deeds, and while engaging in the beach and park cleaning, many young people would approach as for how they could help them with it.
  • Ken, in 2017, organized a Spring Cleanup Day in Philadelphia, where 13,198 volunteers took part. All of them worked for 65,990 hours and collected million pounds of trash. This is a big difference which makes cleanups imperative in our society.
  • People do want to rebuild a sense of community and belonging, which means working together, will keep the local area clean and beautiful.

These four key benefits encourage more young people to work with Ken Sutiak and also add up more members of the community to engage in youth development. He thinks this is an opportunity to improve the community as a whole and make it a better place for everyone by putting everything in the hands of young people.


  • Ken Sutiak lives by the aim to clean the surrounding and wants to make the world a better place for the coming generation.
  • His experience of 4H Clifton is now used by him is assisting cleaning up the beaches and parks in the community.
  • He has managed to inspire the youth and motivated them to clean the parks and beaches, which is till now going great.
  • Through his efforts, at Philadelphia, a team of around 13,198 volunteers worked for 65, 990 hours and collected around millions of trashes, which has made a big difference in the world.
  • He is also working towards motivating the young generation to take cleaning seriously and this would only make them feel better. His efforts are quite successful.


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