Langston Bates – A Market Manager and an Information Professional

Langston Bates is a market manager and has been in this field for many years. He is currently a Market Manager at North America construction in Bekaert having experience in diverse fields. The experience at the diverse field has exposed him to many people, among which he is very famous. He has worked as a Business development manager, research analyst, and information literacy specialist as an adjunct professor at Purdue University. He has also worked as a teaching assistant at the University of North Texas, which makes him a very qualified professor among his known. As a marketing manager, he is responsible for several products or services, and he is also outgoing, gregarious and spontaneous in nature. He was public services assistant at Langston University.

Langston Bates
Langston Bates

Personal life:

Hobbies and interests:

Langston has a very dynamic personality; he has been into music and writing since childhood. He has completed his studies in music. Apart from this, he loves writing and has been in production for many years. He is a very social person and loves interacting with people from different fields. He is a key note speaker and also an event planner. He loves teaching and has been an adjunct professor in many deemed universities.  He is also very committed and dependable in providing quality library services.


Bates has completed his bachelors in musical arts from the University of Oklahoma, along with music composition and technology. Then he opted for his masters in music, media writing, and production in the year 2006-08 from University of Miami. He completed his Master of Science in the year 2009-11 from the University of North Texas. He has a dynamic personality which is reflected from his degrees and also the skills he possessed.


Langston was spontaneous and outgoing in nature, since childhood. He was always into learning new things, and gaining knowledge about everything was his priority. He was popular among his teachers for his intellect and commitment towards studies. As a student, he participated in many extra-curricular activities and quizzes, where his dedication and teamwork was always appreciated by his teachers and participants. His professionalism, intellect, and teamwork are huge assets to all the organizations, he has worked with.


  • He is a market manager at North America construction in Bekaert.
  • His dedication and teamwork have earned him a place and respect among the Langston University library staff.
  • He is a highly qualified person and has expertise in social media, event planning, production, and music & Technology.
  • He has served as an adjunct professor in various deemed Universities.
  • He is also into management and volunteering. He has volunteered many events and has been appreciated for the successful events.


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