Larry Navy Lanier – Founder of Mobile Fuel and an Inspiring Soul

Larry Navy Lanier founded Mobile Fuel in 2010, and the headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia. The company started by him was intended to deliver high quality fuel to the doorsteps of the people. This idea was stuck to him when he visited certain gas stations and saw certain violent and non-violent crimes committed by robbers and thieves at the gas stations. To save the people from these dreadful incidents, he decided to offer a helping hand, and thus founded mobile fuel, which has been successful in the field of motorist empowerment. Apart from this, he is a noble person, who initiated to help the people and save themselves and their time.  

Larry Navy Lanier
Larry Navy Lanier

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Navy Lanier is an inspiring soul because he took the responsibility to help people in their hour of need. Apart from helping people in his various and unique ways, he is an avid reader. He loves reading inspiring books, and these books inspire him to reach out to people to help them. Inspired from these, he launched his company and helped the people. His business experienced tremendous growth and now operates in 18 cities.


Lanier saw the first incident of gas station crime in the city of Atlanta. The crime incident struck him and forced him to find a solution to these problems. This year in March, at Chicago, a man was filling up his VW Passat at 10:30 in the morning. A man got out from the different vehicle, and jumped into the Passat and drove off. Though it was a non-violent crime but was shocking.

Another incident happened in Wisconsin. A woman was pumping gas, and a man jumped behind the wheel of her vehicle and tried to take off. The woman held on for some time, and due to this the criminal stopped and took off with the woman’s purse. This incident proved that thieves are no longer afraid of the law and order.

This crime waves affect not only common people but also celebrities. Queen Latifah was in Atlanta in December, and her vehicle was at the gas station for fueling. Someone pulled up from the different vehicle and jumped into the BMW and drove off. These carjacking incidents were definitely non-violent, but not all people are lucky. Many people were the notorious targets of these robbers and thieves. Larry Lanier was disturbed to see all the commotions and decided to come with the idea of mobile fuel, as providing security would be out of reach for most of the gas stations.


  • Lanier founded mobile fuel, which is continuing to lead in the field of motorist empowerment.
  • The rapid growth of the organization is the result of his hard work and the company now has more than 1400 employees and 100,000 customers in 18 cities.
  • His idea of delivering fuel directly to the company is a safer and healthier way to get access to the high quality fuel. This idea was welcomed by everyone. 


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