Mark Christensen in New Hampshire- A History Teacher, Administrator

Mark Christensen started his career as a teacher in New Hampshire. He continued his career by working as an administrator in the field of education and even sitting as one of the school board members. Today, he is working as professor in the History department at Assumption College, Worcester, MA. He is making his efforts to make the present educational system better and developed as per the immense competition in the educational field. Mark is presently also working in the Ed Tech field, where he is improving the student engagements, spreading school or college’s objective all over the world, and making effort to bring new ideas in connecting them with alumni. He believes in staying improved and modern according to the change in technology, and he want to implement these technologies on the education system.

Mark Christensen in New Hampshire

Interests and Habits:

He loves to make people aware of latest ideas and practices to make the present education system improved. He is also a blogger who loves to educate people about new technology and ideas that can lift up the standards of present education system. He is also a motivational speaker and he loves to inspire his students.


Mark Christensen visited Canada where he met his old friend who is now running his own school. He got amazed and highly influenced by his hi-tech ways to encourage students towards smart learning. At this moment, he decided to put to some efforts in improving his school’s system and make his students aware of today’s high tech and smart learning. And today, he is well known for its expert advice on how to clarify or improve the motive to today’s schools and colleges in the society. To spread his message to every school, he has started writing blogs and articles.


In 1995, he completed his graduation from Notre Dame College. In 2005, he did his masters of marketing from Rivier College. In 2008, he also completed C.A.G.S, Educational, instructional and Curriculum supervision from Plymouth State University. He completed his doctors (Ed. D.) from Plymouth State University.


  • Currently, he has gained respected position of director of marketing in Ed Map, Inc.
  • He has won so many awards for its great efforts in improving education system.
  • He has written hundreds of blogs and articles based on latest and technologies that can make up an improved and high tech education system.
  • He has also achieved great success as the most experienced professor.



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