Mary Ann Benigno: An Inspirations Soul Who Enjoys Working for Homeless People

A social activist Mary Ann Benigno is looking forward to setting up a community classic car show for a charitable cause. She believes that it will take lots of efforts and time to plan such big event. She thinks that with proper planning and support from the community of loyal residents, she will be able to organize an incredible event. She has spoken to many classic car owners and they are happy to do it for cause and bring their cars out.

She is even planning to organize a live band performance and even games and good stalls because the little ones will be busy playing games and meanwhile adults will enjoy the cars. There will be plenty of area of food vans as they carry their kitchen and services and later on it will easy to clean them all up after the carnival.

Money coming from the carnival will be donated to local charity. Entry to the carnival will be completely free for the people.

Mary Ann Benigno


Personal Information

Interest and Hobbies:

You must have known till now that Mary loves to work for homeless people and charity. During her initial days of childhood, she was always up for helping anyone who really needed assistance. Benigno is even fond of visiting different NGO in order to spend her time with homeless people and kids. She loves to read books on famous activist and try to learn the way they worked.

Mary Benigno many times have initiated to help domestic pets who happen to be in bad conditions. Watching movies and playing Table Tennis is her another hobby.

Apart from all this, she is an avid reader and when not working for a cause, she spends her most of the time reading books on famous personalities. Mary herself is fond of classic cars but she could only enjoy seeing them, as she doesn’t have any classic car to drive.


When Mary was perusing her college education, she helped out many needy people, but her heart cried out when she saw a little homeless boy searching for some food from the trash. This was like a pin break to her and since then she got her objective of life to work for homeless people.

She is even looking forward to organizing a shoe drive, as homeless men, women, and children really need adequate footwear. Each pair of shoe will represent one member of the home’s community. She believes that if she gets one pair of shoe, it’s a successful drive.

She says that getting a pair of shoes not only meet physical needs, but it is really that she cares about everyone. They will help them in winters and the shoes they have now have worn out soles or holes and are not good in snow.


  1. Mary Ann Benigno is trying hard to organize a classic car show in order to raise funds for the homeless people and for the other cause.
  2. She will also be hosting a community carnival in the Spring for collect funds as she could help needy people.
  3. She is going to run a shoe drive, as she could help those people who have worn soles and holes in their shoe because it creates a problem in the winters.


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