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Jillian Stewart: Passionate towards Woman’s Health Care

Jillian Stewart is a Fellow of The American Congress of Obstetricians and a Gynecologist. Jillian throughout her career has been focusing on optimal wellness for the woman, sharing a sense of duty and enthusiasm towards the wider role in medicine. Recently, she has celebrated 10 years in her career as a medical practitioner. She has… read more »

Bonnie Cappello – A Lady with a Notion of Cleanup in the City

Bonnie Cappello is a lady on a mission. A mission where she wants to see every road and street clean; every park and road sides with green trees, which will account eventually to fresh air and environment after a few years. With industrialization came pollution, and this pollution has been hazardous to us, but Bonnie… read more »

Ken Sutiak – An Educator and Youth Worker

Ken Sutiak is an educator; he is a former member of 4H of Clifton and is working towards improving the community in Totowa, New Jersey. He currently lives with his mother who suffers from Parkinson’s disease and left his previous job at Human Resource Assistant at NJ Transit. Now, he is currently looking for a… read more »