Prashant Kumar Mishra – Chief Executive Officer of Vipra Business

Prashant Kumar Mishra is the Chief Executive Officer of Vipra Business. He, along with his friend Vivek, started his venture from scratch, three years ago, and now owns four ventures in India and abroad. He was a dedicated student and always wanted to make something of his own. After co-founding the company, he dedicated himself to make the company successful. He is also into Digital Media Marketing and have keen eye for details. Apart from a business person, he is a polite and humble person.

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Personal Life:


Prashant comes from a family, which is associated with the agriculture. His father, Mr. Sanjeevan Mishra, is a farmer and is active in politics also. His mother, Mrs. Premlata Mishra, is a homemaker and Prashant is close to both of them. His shares a strong bond with his brother, Vinayak Mishra; he is currently studying. He is married to Priyanka Mishra, who was his former colleague in the company, and now a homemaker. Together they are blessed with a baby boy. He loves to spend his free time with his family and accompany them on festivals and occasions.

Interests & Hobbies:

Apart from working in the office, he loves to indulge in gardening. It is a way to relax and unwind from the busy schedule he has; it provides the mind and body to re-channel some energy. Taking inspiration from his hobby, he started a project ‘Malikaka’, which is an online nursery. Apart from gardening, he likes interacting with people, and has established contact with many influential personalities. Digging the internet for information and important data keeps him engrossed all day.


He was a dedicated student and has done his graduation from Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi. He has an expertise in Digital Media Marketing; he has done a course in IT, which is equivalent to software engineering.


In 2014, Prashant met Vivek and this meeting soon turned into a friendship, which is a benediction for both. After the meeting, the idea of an IT development firm struck them, and together they started Vipra Business. That time, the success ratio was not important, but the hard work was. They worked hard, developed a worthy team and made the company successful. For him, Vivek is a good business partner and a friend for lifetime.


  • He started Vipra Business from scratch, with his friend and colleague, Vivek Agarwal, who is currently the Managing Director (MD) of the company.
  • They both started the company three years ago, and today have 4 ventures opened in India and abroad.
  • He worked on many project over a span of three years and all of them were successful.


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