Rahul Sharma – An Operational Development Expert and Digital Marketing Head

Rahul Sharma is an Operational Development Expert and a Digital Marketing Head. He has started his own venture and worked with many other startups and contributed in the ventures effectively. He was also a consultant to the startup companies and his strategies led to increase the growth of the company. Apart from these, he has been a creative writer and loved writing poems, songs and stories, which were published in magazines. He is an enthusiastic person with a curiosity to learn everything at any time.

Rahul Sharma

Personal Life:


Born in Delhi, he is a doting son to his parents. His mother, Mrs. Shakuntala Devi is a social worker in NGO. His father, Mr. D.P. Sharma is a Foreman. He shares a close bond with his parents and always been a caring and obedient son. He also shares great bond with his 2 sisters and brother. Being second born in family, he is a doting son and a good brother. His family always supported his dreams and believed him in, which made him today successful.

Interest and hobbies:

Rahul enjoys reading novels. He is a creative writer and writes poems, stories and songs. His articles have been published in many magazines. He worked as a creative writer for magazines like ‘Small Entrepreneur’ and ‘Kehar’ and many of his poems and articles were published in them.


A decent student, he has done his Bachelor of technology in the discipline Information Technology from AIET Lucknow. Along with this, he has achieved certification in Marketing Automation Tools and also networking. He is always curious about learning and tries to gain knowledge of everything around him.


In 2012, while pursuing his Btech, he attended a seminar in Delhi, conducted by IBM. The seminar included 35 individual, and all the people attending the seminar except Rahul were CIOs of many famous brands. That was time when he reviewed his application and figured out why he was selected for a seminar which only included people with high experiences and achievements. His startup company ‘Zoxxy’ was at its initial stage and hasn’t been doing well. His curiosity to learn and all the extracurricular activities including the creative writing made him got selected for a prestigious seminar. After attending that seminar he was determined and worked hard on his startup, which made it successful. Along with this, he was also a consultant at ‘Castle Info System’, which made him push his limits at such a young age.


  • He participated in science seminar in high school and secured first position.
  • He has also done theaters and won six prizes as a team player.
  • During his college, he was active in extracurricular activities and secured prizes in inter-college competition.
  • He is a creative writer and many of his articles were published in magazines like ‘Kehar’ and ‘Small Entrepreneur’.
  • He also volunteered for ‘Action Aid’ NGO in Delhi and participated in marathon and secured second prize. He was a coordinator in the second marathon.
  • In final year of college, he started his own company named ‘Zoxxy Enterprises’, which was a clothing brand and then sold it.
  • He joined a startup company, ‘Imprimix Technologies’ and worked as a project manager for six months.
  • After that he joined another startup venture, ‘Castle Info System’ as Email Marketing specialist. His contributions led to the development of the venture which is why his name was also added in the co founder list of the startup, just after 6 months of his joining.
  • He joined Vipra in Jan 2016 as Email Marketing Team Leader and currently is now Operational Development Manager and Digital Marketing Head.
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