You Can Join Carpentry Workshop by Ricardo Cordova for Basic Woodworking

Ricardo Cordova is an expert in woodworking and he is looking forward to teach the basics of woodworking and primary instrument used by the students. He says that computer and technology has taken over across the world and old school skills are getting backed and he wants these things to be relevant in the workplace again. So he is looking forward to host a free carpentry workshop for young students who are interested in this event.

He believes that every student must know the basic knowledge about the woodworking. He saw that local schools stopped woodshop class and woodworking course for the students. His basic motive is to change the myth that students or any other person only need to purchase costly machine to build any product. He wants students to get connect with it.

Ricardo Cordova
Ricardo Cordova


Hobbies and interests:

Ricardo is a very interesting person and has a witty sense of humor. The People around him stay happy because of his amazing humors. Apart from this, he gives special time to do anything related to wood work. Ricardo loves to listen rock and pop music, as this keeps him pay attention towards what he is doing. Ricardo is fond of reading thriller novels written by famous authors. He even makes bat and hockey with wood for poor kids who are not able to purchase the same from the market. Ricardo loves to travel places and appreciate them. Going to casino and playing golf is his another interest.


As mentioned above, Ricardo saw that local schools have stopped teaching woodwork class and offering basic woodworking courses to students. He did not like it at all. So several times, he has organized basic woodworking events for the students interested in this profession.

In one of the events, he saw few students doing amazing work with wood. He saw them using the tools safely, which makes the work easy. Ricardo says that sharpening your tools is a fundamental and foundational skill for any student that becomes the part of Ricardo’s class. He has taught them that if the students learn how to artisans worked with lumber before machines, then they would find woodworking easy and efficient. Perfect woodworking comes with perfect usage of tools. He tells that free classes will educate them about the basics of woodworking to the students who are really interested.


  1. Ricardo has taken several steps to educate students about the woodworking.
  2. He is not going to organize a carpentry workshop for the students who are really interested about getting educated with woodworking.
  3. He has helped many poor kids with wood toys that they cannot purchase from the market.
  4. Ricardo has actually convinced people to learn woodworking to avoid costly machines to rebuild you broken chairs and tables.




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