Rick Chaffin – A Social Worker and An Entrepreneur

Rick Chaffin is an inspiring soul. He is a social worker who has been helping homeless people by providing them shelter and other things for free of cost. He wanted to alleviate the problem of homeless people and wanted to find a solution that would be a kindness to them. He thinks that every individual has the right to basic amenities. That’s why to provide these amenities to homeless people, he opened ‘Everything for free’ store for these people. Apart from social work, Rick is an Entrepreneur. He conducts two monthly events to help people for education and jobs. He is planning to conduct another monthly event along with the others too. Third monthly event would be for making aware people of drugs and rehabilitation.

Rick Chaffin

Personal Life:

Interests and Hobbies:

Hailing from Seattle, USA, his interest lies in helping people in need and coming up with strategies that would ensure their personal growth. He always wanted to create the opportunities for the less fortunate. He knew what homeless people have to face to survive in a world where everyone have abandoned them. He himself was a homeless since childhood but managed to survive in this harsh world. That’s why he is working towards creating ideas and strategies to help them live a better life. His techniques are unique and proving to be very successful. He is even asking for counselors and city officials to help him in this direction and help these homeless people to live a fulfilling life. He also asks these people to work in stores in order to built new skills that may prove beneficial to them in future.


Few years back, he went to Leiden in Netherlands. There he saw a shop known as ‘free shop’ which was giving all the stuff free for the people in need. He found this idea very innovative and thoughtful. He decided to open a free shop in Seattle where number of homeless people has increased. After much thinking and planning about the shop, he opened ‘Everything for free’ store. The store gives free stuff to people in need. Any individual who want to make donations for the poor and needy are welcome. Along with this, he runs two monthly events. First event is about discussing education opportunities for people. Second one is to provide them with details about the job opportunities that are available to them. He is planning to start third event on drugs and rehab.


  • He opened a free shop namely “Everything for free” to help destitutes to build a better life for them.
  • He insist them to stick around so that they can learn new skills and enhance their life.
  • He conducts two monthly events fro these people to help them in education and jobs.
  • He is planning another event to educate them about drugs and rehabilitation.


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