Richard Cude – A Successful Handyman and Expertise in Repair & Remodel

Richard Alan cude is a very renowned handyman in Greater St. Louis area. He has been in the business for many years and has great experience regarding the remodeling of houses and construction. He has expertise in handyman services and project management. Apart from this, he is a spiritual person, and meditation is a part of his daily routine. He has an expertise in transportation engineering and construction management. Apart from a good learner, he is a good teacher and has a great interest in teaching people about construction, management, and mediation.

Richard Alan Cude
Richard Alan Cude

Personal life:

Interests & hobbies:

As a civil engineering, he is totally into volunteering the work related to management and construction. He is also an avid reader, and like gaining knowledge about different construction and management issues. He also volunteers in different kinds of program and aware people about certain things related to constructions. He also has knowledge of American Sign Language, which is used for interacting with the deaf people.


Rick Cude has completed his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. He was a decent student in college, and there learned all the tactics about construction and management. After graduating from there he handled all kinds of project and management and is quite popular among his clients and employees.


Richard Cude is very curious since childhood. Once, in school, the teacher asked the class to list the name of places having the most famous and great monuments. Though most of the students failed to collect the information, and some were with partial information, Richard gathered all the names and information about it. When asked how he managed to collect the information, he mentioned that he went to the library, and gathered the required information about the great monuments. His dedication inspired the teacher and made him the teacher’s favorite. His curiousness made him enrolled for a civil engineering course, and today he is expertise in all kind of construction work.


  • He is a successful handyman now, who is into repairing and remodeling.
  • He was project engineer for 12 years at Michael Baker Corporation at Jackson in Mississippi area.
  • He has been the project manager for 9 years into Maryland Heights and was popular among his employees.
  • After retiring, he volunteered for several programs along with scout master, adolescent psychology, and fleet management.
  • He has also taken several household cleaning contracts, residential repairs, repairs, remodeling, and transportation scheduling.


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