Rosanne Hanley: An Inspirational Soul Looking to Raise Money from Volleyball Tournament

Rosanne Hanley is a social activist who is looking forward to the summer months as she is planning to host a volleyball tournament on the beach in order to raise money for charity. Good thing is that other residents are even looking forward to the summers. She tells that each team that registers will have donor donating their name. All the teams will have to collect curtain about of donation to enter the tournament. There will be prizes too for the winners but the award will be given to that team which gets the maximum amount of donations.

Rosanne says that there is no better place than beach for a volleyball tournament. Hanley knows that which charity will receive the fund coming from the tournament. Local boys and girls club will be benefited by helping them to buy new equipment.

The money will not only be raised by the tournament but also from shirts, food, side games for the children and there will be more activities during the competition.

She will also be bringing the professional team to take part in the event against the winning team and this will bring more people to the event because of the notoriety of the professional players.

Rosanne Hanley
Rosanne Hanley

Personal life:

Interest and hobbies:

Rosanne Hanley has been caring and helping since his childhood. Many times she has organized charity event that raise money for needy people. The amazing thing about Hanley is that she herself is a volleyball player. She is even fond of reading books of famous social activist and try to learn their style. Raising money from volleyball matches is a unique idea.

Rosanne even loves to chill with her friends and is even fond of watching movies. Travelling is another hobby and she always appreciates that local culture of the place where she goes.


Once Rosanne was completing her graduation and she was equally dedicated to volleyball but her college was not giving the players the proper facilities. They had no court or good ball to play the game. Hence she decided to form an alliance and started to protest in front of college administration, still they tough enough to be break.

Later on, she decided to raise money from the local resident and students in her college. She was successful in this drive and the money got new equipment and maintenance of the court. She says, ‘Whenever, she is at beach and if there is any volleyball game going on, then it always attracts the crowd.’


Rosanne is not only raising charity money from the beach volleyball tournament, but she is even looking forward to teaching fitness classes to help the community get into shape. She is also looking forward to host art auction for up and coming artist. She is doing all this to help the charity.


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