Steve Sucher Follows a Way to Build a New Playground for the Children

Children playing on the street are indeed a sad view for many; but how many people do something about it? Very Few! Steve Sucher when saw a group of children playing on the streets amidst running vehicles, he felt bad and decided to do something about it. He asked the help from the community and initiated the work. What started as small help turned out to be very large, as many people started getting involved in the work. Now, St. Louis, native place of Steve Sucher, has a park, which is equipped with all playing kinds of stuff for children, making it a safe place for them to play.

Steve Sucher St. Louis
Steve Sucher

Personal Life:

Interests & Hobbies:

Steve Sucher is a spiritual person; he likes visiting the church every Sunday for prayers. He knows everyone in the church and has a friendly attitude with them. He like children very much, and whenever he sees them playing, joins them. He is an avid reader and mostly engages in spiritual books, which gives him a sense of relief.


Once, on a hot Missouri day in July, Steve Sucher was sitting on his front porch and looking around. In front of him, some children were playing; whenever a car or vehicle passes by, they would stop and resume their playing after it has gone. The lot across the street, where children were playing, was filled tall weeds and random objects. Seeing this, he felt bad for the children, and the very moment he thought of an idea to help the neighbourhood to build a park and keep the streets safe for children.

He decided to go to the top community members and city council to figure out the way for this. After knowing the lot belonged to the city, it was a much easier way to make the playground a success. Though he was thinking about finding a company to donate the playground equipment, eventually people started taking interest in the project, and Steve asked for volunteers to get help in the project.

After some time, the company became aware of the project and donated several pieces of equipment, which was later used by the city in the Boys & Girls Clubs around St. Louis area. The Recreation Department at Louis also received the playing equipments for the sports they offer the city.


  • Steve Sucher in St. Louis came up with the notion to build a playground for the children, who were playing on the streets.
  • His notion was welcomed in the city and this idea was highly appreciated.
  • Many people came forward to help him with the construction and equipments.
  • The company offered playing equipments which were later used for the Recreation Department at Louis for the sports they offer.


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