Tamica Goree : Former Basketball Player is Giving Birth to New Talents

Without a doubt, there are many professional players who turned to coaching after they retired. There is an old theory that success on the playing field not always results into good sidelines.

But Tamica Goree has changed an old theory. Tamica Goree is a former NCAA basketball player from Indiana State University. Now she has become Nation’s best basketball coach and prepares many student-athletes to go to next level of basketball.  She earned high respects playing point watch for the Sycamores. She ascribes her prosperity to her mental sturdiness. She thinks that one should be mentally tough to play sport at the college level.

She has stuffed this thinking in her coaching. The main reason behind her success as a coach is discipline and being able to overcome adversity. Garoo feels really proud and happy if as a coach her player make it to next level but she appreciates more when a player excels in the classroom too.

Tamica Goree

Personal Life:

Interest and Hobbies:

First off all Tamica is a humble and caring person. She is very much fond of basketball since her childhood. Travelling and exploring the local culture is her other hobbies. She is even fond of seeing international games live. Michael Jordon is her inspiration. Tamica sometimes even looks to cook. She mostly keeps herself busy coaching players for next level. She loves to take basket challenges from other players, she coaches. Tamica loves to hang out with her friends and is an even shopaholic.


She usually used to do her basketball practice at her home in her cemented lawn. Actually, she was like an unsung player of her locality, because she was the youngest of the other boys and girls who used to play on outside. Tamica never liked being getting challenges. Once she was sitting outside her house and was seeing other boys and girls playing basketball.

Then what happens, the ball came towards her while the game was on, some other player asked her to pass the ball, but before that, she started to dribble the ball, other players were waiting to play. So suddenly, that player asked her to join the game if she is such a good dribbler. She did not like it and decided to give him the answer. Surprisingly, she scored many points in the game and players got impressed with her performance. That particular day she decided to give her life in basketball. This is the most heart touching moment in her entire life.


  1. Tamica Goree is a former top-level basketball player of NCAA.
  2. She has trained many young players to make it to next level in Basketball.
  3. Tamica Goree has been helping players in meeting all requirements for grants at the school level. Youthful basketball players long for playing at the school level, however, believe it’s a simple course.
  4. Working with all these players she has built a close bond and this bond even gets stronger when she checks the performance of other former players.  At the end, Tamica says, ‘It is an amazing feeling seeing all these student-athletes with whom you have worked so hard to get noticed in some great opportunity.


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