Teresa Heaver : A Samoyeds Lover

Teresa Heaver has been breeding and caring Samoyed puppies for over 35 years at Kabeara Kennels. Many of top breed Samoyeds comes from champion bloodlines. Teresa Heaver and Kebeara Kennels provide general health, hips, and eye for all of their puppies and adult dogs. Teresa is committed to providing people with beautiful, healthy, family dogs rather than working dogs. New dog owners are encouraged by Heaver to continue to the training and guidance once they reach home with their dogs. She even gives in-depth advice for new owners. Kabeara Kennels has more enough room for the fun-loving, playful Samoyed breed to run and play. It is a six thousand square foot building installed with full air conditioner.

Teresa Heaver

Personal Life:

Hobbies and Interests:

Teresa is a very wise lady and most favorite interest is to rescue Samoyed dogs. She is even an avid reader and learns many new things about dog breeds via these books. She likes playing and spending time with these dogs. She has provided them 9 acres of land in Lockport. She is fond of watching movies and tips to take care of dogs.


There was an incident happened with Teresa, as we all know the Teresa is providing people with beautiful, healthy, family dogs.  When she was a child, she was passing by her road to home and saw a Samoyed dog was lying on the ground with harsh injuries, it seemed like she was hit by some vehicles. She rapidly took the dog to her house and started treating her to get well soon. After a week or two, the dog started walking on her own. Teresa was relaxed after seeing her walk and later decided to make herself busy in providing all the needed assistance to the dogs. Since them, many dogs of that particular area are living safe and happy.


  •    The effort of Teresa has made the breed accepted by everyone and it is now the luxurious breeds in the town.
  •    They have made the people aware about the breed, and their hard work has finally paid off. People prefer to choose these breeds over other dogs are they are not dangerous to families and children.
  •    They also educated numerous people about how the breed can live with other pets.
  •    Kabeara Kennels and Teresa are a dedicated breeder, offering only the healthiest Samoyed puppies for sale with all up to date vaccination and some basic skills.


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