Timothy Hadaway – A Traveler Chef

Timothy Hadaway is a chef and has achieved dreams when he opened his own Greek-themed restaurant ‘Amvrosia’. Timothy spends his most of time roaming around the world. He has worked in several restaurants from his hometown New York to Sukiyabashi Jiro’s sushi in Japan and has been savoring some of the most well-known cuisines. After completing his graduation, he started traveling from one country to another and has worked as chef assistant in different restaurants. Amvrosia is a unique place in the heart of New York. People are impressed with the services he provides. He has a friendly staff that makes sure every customer must felt like Greek Atmosphere with Folklore Music and ambiance. He has even won Master Chef once.

Timothy Hadaway
Timothy Hadaway

Personal life:

Hobbies and Interests:

Timothy Hadaway is a very kind person. He is even an avid reader and loves to read famous books written by chefs, these books inspire him to cook several cuisines. He follows difference chef reality shows to enhance his cooking. He loves making good relationship with his fellows. He often plays soccer with his friends and loves to spend time outside along with his friends. Everyone admires his cooking and taste.


The best time that he spent was in Greece, he was a chef assistant at very famous restaurants in the city Montakiou. He loved the people there, their tradition and the folklore. Greek sandwich is worth eating and every tourist wants to try Greek Cuisine. So, he decided to come down to his hometown and start serving Greek cuisine to people. Many people don’t know about Greece other than its economic struggle in the last years. It the best place for your morning coffee. His restaurant offers high-quality Greek food. Talking about an incident, there was a Greek Family who was looking forward to having some Greek cuisine and they found Amvrosia. After having their dishes, they just couldn’t believe the taste he offered. They were very much impressed with the quality of services and food he ordered.


  •    Timothy Hadaway has won Master Chef America.
  •    He maintains very good relationship with his fellows and all of them have appreciated him for that.
  •    He has traveled many countries and has worked with many renowned restaurants.
  •    His idea of getting Greek Cuisine to New York has been highly successful. People are never seen giving negative comments about him. They all are fond of his cooking.


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