Todd Kassal – A Stockbroker and a Humanitarian

Todd Kassal is one of the most successful brokers in Miami and is known for helping the Irma victims, by giving them fresh water and cans of food. The hurricane Irma has hit the city, and people were stressed about the situation. Todd helped around 200 people by providing them water bottles and cans of food. Many people were harsh with him and accused him of using it as an opportunity, but he managed to help them. During the last havoc, Katrina, he asked the car engineers to build a large truck, so that it can be used it to help people. He is an inspirational soul and helped people when they were criticizing him for that.

Todd Kassal
Todd Kassal

Personal life:

Hobbies and Interests:

Todd Kassal is an inspiring personality and has a helping nature. He loves helping people and since childhood used to volunteer for social works conducted by the NGOs. He was always curious and loves to do innovative work, which can be useful for providing help in the harsh circumstances. Todd is an avid reader, and biographies and autobiographies are his favorite related to stock markets and social cause.


Before the Irma, the city was hit by Katrina, where he partially lost his achievements; he has faced the harsh situations the disaster, and this inspired him to build his monster truck. He promised himself that he will do everything he can to help someone affected by a natural disaster.

There is the number of instances, where he helped the people without any concern for what anyone would say. During the hurricane Irma, a woman with his five-year-old child, lost her belonging due to the mayhem. The scene was very depressing, and Todd donated one thousand dollars to the woman’s family.

Once, he was stopped by the cops and asked to find shelter for himself rather than helping the people. But he was determined to help the disaster stuck people, and still helped despite the warnings. For some, he was using this as an opportunity to drive his monster truck. But for him, helping was the main motive, and he helped as many as 200 people with water and food.


  • He is the most successful stockbroker of Miami and is helping people by investing his money in building a truck that’ll help to provide people with water and food during the hurricane.
  • He has helped as many as 200 people by providing them water and a meal.
  • He doesn’t care what people say or think about him; for him helping people is the main motive, which doesn’t get stopped by any warning.


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