Vladislav Matveyev : A Patriotic and Courageous Police Officer

Vladislav Matveyev is a fearless cop who is also a courageous and valiant. He has been in the services for many years and his regarded as one of the most dauntless cop. He has been on many missions and made his city proud; he also saved many of his colleagues and has always been a heroic personality to them. The police department and the community where he lives have honored him many times. He is a patriotic and always keeps his nation and duty his first priority; along with courage, he is humble and soft-spoken.

Vladislav Matveyev

Personal Life: 


Vladislav is married to a beautiful woman for many years and had been leading a happy married life. They own a beautiful house on the outskirts of the city away from the rush of the city. As a cop’s wife, she faced a lot of issues, but eventually they overcame those issues and are an ideal couple in their neighborhood.

Interests and Hobbies:

Matveyev is a family man and has been close to them; he is famous between his colleagues and is considered a witty man. He enjoys spending his time with family and friends; his favorite time is when he cooks for them at joyous occasions. He is a foodie person and loves to try new cuisine; he is also a wine lover. He is an enthusiastic person and always cares for his fitness; because he believes that a police officer should be physically and mentally fit.


As a child, he witnessed an incident that changed him and he decided to serve people and fight the crime by being a cop. His friend’s dad was a cop and he was a brave police officer; he always admired him but never think of being a cop. But one day, there were some disturbances in the local neighborhood and his friend’s dad rescued both of them, even when he was severely injured. This had a deep impact on him and he decided to become a cop. From that day he helped everyone in need and was generous towards others. As his colleagues say, a fine cop; Vladislav Matveyev arrests criminal and has also been responsible for making them understand their mistakes. Because of him, many criminals have taken the path of truth and today living a life as normal person without indulging in crime.


  • He is a fearless and courageous cop who is an inspiration to many people in his department.
  • He has been honored many times by the community because of his excellent service towards the society and police department.
  • He is an inspiration personality in his neighborhood and constantly helps people who come to him.
  • He is a trustworthy cop who has demonstrated his daring and gusty attitude during the missions.


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