Wade Nodine – A Genius, Chess Player, and Coach

Wade Nodine is a 35 years old passionate and very intellectual person who is famous for its numerous achievements in the sports like chess. He is a great chess player from California, US. He has won so many chess tournaments. He has amazed the people due to his astonishing performance in chess tournaments all over the world. Recently, he has beaten his competitors 2 times within 25 minutes in different chess boards. Since his childhood, he is quite a sharp guy who used to amaze his teacher by his incomparable performance in several sports like chess, basket ball and archery.   Wade Nodine

Personal life: 


He is living in California, US with his family. His father is a business man. He has grown up while participating some in so many chess competitions from his school. And nowadays, he is an international player who can beat anyone when it comes to chess.

Interest and hobbies:

At age 15, he was extremely passionate about sports and puzzle games. And now at age 35, he is achievement immense popularity due to his endeavors in various chess tournaments. He is a fitness freak. He is dedicated towards making various efforts to make his life healthier and fit. He is a kind of sporty person. Wade is also good in basket ball and archery.


At the age of 18, he won an award of best chess player in California. At this moment, he decided to make his career in chess. And now, he has played more than 100 chess matches all over the world. He has become worldwide famous at just the age of 18 and nowadays, he has become a chess coach. He is teaching chess tactics to so many people in California.  One of his close friends, who learnt chess from Wade, now is an expert in chess and has won so many chess tournaments in US. Wade is a very kind hearted person and focused towards health and fitness.


Wade Nodine has completed his graduation from University of California, Los Angeles. He was a bright student.


  • He won so many awards in chess tournaments that were held in California, Florida and so many states from all over the world.
  • His name is also featured in several sports magazines and newsletters.
  • He has won international chess tournaments as a most smart chess player of the year.  
  • He is going to open his own sports academy.


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