William Gilbert Lightner : A Loving Soul with Rescue Shield for Animals

William Gilbert Lightner is a person who is known for saving domestic animals who happen to be in danger. William currently resides in Marietta, Georgia. After roaming around, the objective of Mr. William Gilbert was achieved when he saw three Labrador puppies were searching for food near the trash. William runs an animal shelter names as ‘Lightner’s rescue shelter’. William always keeps 4 bottles with him in his car for the puppies in the worst possible physical state. ‘People in Marietta really don’t care about those puppies. What if they are left out in hot summers without food and water for whole day.’, says Mr. Lightner. He even works as an audio engineer at his home studio. He also worked with local musicians from Marietta.

William Gilbert Lightner
William Gilbert Lightner

Personal Life:


William still remembers his first dog ‘Murphy’ at his home. He is like a family to him. He was very much depressed when he passed away. William’s father was a Jazz player. But William hated instruments. Later he started growing the love for music and dogs because he was gifted a dog on his birthday.

Interest and Hobbies:

Apart from saving street dogs, William Gilbert Lightner is fond of cooking, playing golf and football along with his friends. He loves to go out to dinner with his girlfriend. She is also looking after the rescue shelter of William. He and his girlfriend have common hobbies and they spend their time indulging in their hobbies. He is even fond of Jazz music. They both are food freak and love to travel exotic places. He appreciates the local culture a lot. He loves to read books related to dogs and his fond of watching movies related to dogs. His favourite is ‘Eight Below’.


Mr. William’s GF has two cats and once he and his GF finished their dinner and saw that one of the cats (Sayan) was missing. He didn’t give a second thought and asked his GF to sit in the truck and both started searching for the cat. After searching for long two hours, the cat was found in living room, confused. She must have seen places because the cat seemed to be eaten by the earth itself. This whole experience gave him the feeling he never had before. He realized that he did something useful because his GF was relieved when we both found her cat. This made him open an animal shelter because there are many pets on the street that don’t have people to take care of them, unlike Sayan.


1: The biggest achievement that William has achieved is by opening a shelter for those dogs which has no one to take care off.

2: He also is an audio engineer and has worked with musicians in his hometown.

3: He has many times left his work in between if somebody calls him and inform him about any puppies or dogs lying on the corner of roads. He is a kind of local superhero.


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