Yehuda Belsky – A Successful Trader and an Educator

Yehuda Belsky is a boon to the world of trade. He is a successful trader in the city of New York. Born in Boston, he was always passionate about numbers. This curiosity of learning about numbers has made him a successful trader today. He is an educator who is teaching people how to trade. There are many trading strategies he has been sharing with a lot of people in ‘The Blended Model’. The trading techniques which he teaches every one are making a difference in their lives. Due to this techniques they are earning more and exploring many options in these areas. Yehuda Belsky is a person of his uniqueness which deals with numbers that helps him making money. So he’s sharing his pearls of wisdom with everyone around him so that they too can learn and expand it all over the world. He is a specialist in binary options, equity options and derivatives.

Yehuda Belsky

Personal Life:

Interests and Hobbies:

Yehuda is a very encouraging person with an optimistic approach. He thinks that knowledge that can do good to people should be shared and not kept with in itself. That’s why he loves to teach people and solve their problems. He has always been a problem solver and tries to come up with different and unique solutions that prove beneficial. Apart from this, he is an avid reader and loves reading leadership and motivational books.


Even as a child, he had an urge to help everyone. As a child he was good in maths which made him popular among his classmates. He would solve any mathematical problem with ease and loved to teach it to anyone who asks for it. His interests led him to become a successful trader. His favorite expertised subject is binary options which he loves the most. He has developed a number of strategies for binary options to yield good results. Having a good experience in trading, he took all the existing binary options and combined them in one which is named as ‘The Blended Model’.


  • He is a very successful trader in Brooklyn, New York. With his uniqueness of being good in numbers has led him to excel in trading.
  • He teaches people trading strategies which helps them to understands the basics of trading.
  • He has developed many trading techniques so that it becomes easy for people to learn them and make money.
  • He made the techniques and strategies easy so that implementing them is smooth.
  • He combined all the existing binary options into a single one.
  • He merged two key strategies namely the market behavior strategy and betting model based strategy into ‘The Blended Model’.


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